This program consists of 17 courses spread over approximately two and a half years. This training includes, for the first half, new subjects that allow you to complete, deepen and integrate the knowledge previously acquired with the SME Program.

Main objectives of the Practitioner Training are the following:

  • gaining a deeper understanding of the body as a complex, multi-layered organism;
  • exploring and practicing the complexity of the interrelationships between developmental and system approach to bodywork;
  • understanding how the body is shaped by the way we think, feel and perceive and how the body and movement shape our feelings, perceptions and thinking;
  • gaining a deeper understanding and practice of somatic repatterning through touch and movement facilitation;
  • being able to use different pathways of expression for oneself, and using this richness in teaching and in sessions.

The program includes more than 500 hours of classes. In order to acquire the BMC® Practitioner certification, issued by The School for Body-Mind Centering®, one must have attended all the courses and met all the required homework and requirements.