“ One of the things we have to offer
in Body-Mind-Centering® is the embodiment.
As we embody the structures, the principles emerge. ”


The Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) course is at the foundation of the BMC® approach and crucial to achieving a deep understanding, rooted in our own bodies through the experiential work, of how movement patterns evolve from conception through standing and walking. It is part of both the Somatic Movement Education and the Infant Developmental Movement Education training programs. It can be also attended individually, as it offers anyone interested in movement and body awareness, including dancers, physical therapists, movement and yoga teachers, ecc. many tools for developing subtle abilities of observation and reorganization of patterns according to the evolutionary perspective of BMC®.

From December 1st to the 8th, at CasaNave Alle Mura, in Tuscania. For information and registration please contact info@lebensnetz.it or staff_leben@lebensnetz.it

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CasaNave Alle Mura

Leben nuova has established its legal and operational location at CasaNave Alle Mura in Tuscania