Leben nuova is in Tuscania, a medieval village in Alto Lazio rich in culture, art and nature. The operational office is at CasaNave alle Mura, a multifunctional space equipped to host, in addition to BMC® training, various types of events.


Tuscania is an hour’s drive north of Rome.
The nearest airports are Rome-Fiumicino and Rome-Ciampino.
The nearest train station is Tarquinia, which is 30 minutes from Tuscania.

For our students and public who are not traveling with private car, we organize a shuttle service to and from the train station. Alternatively, we provide the timetables of the public bus service.


For housing, we provide all course participants with a list of accommodations recommended and available in Tuscania. These are apartments of different sizes with the use of a kitchen.


Activities organized by Leben nuova take place by CasaNave alle Mura, in Via Nazario Sauro, 8 Tuscania.

Via Nazario Sauro, 8, 01017 Tuscania VT