Calendar updated August 21, 2021

Dear colleagues interested in the courses of the BMC® Practitioner Program, we are happy to finally confirm not only the next course from September 20 to 27 (Integration of the Body Systems and Developmental Movement 1) but also the new 2022 calendar.

  1. This consists of 7 short courses divided into 3 modules throughout the year 2022.
  2. The total cost of the 2022 courses can be organized in a payment plan to be agreed with the administrative office (please contact Martina at
  3. The €50 discount on each of the 7 courses can be applied by enrolling two months before the start of a given course.
  4. In case of cancellation, Leben’s policy is the following: if you inform the office ( two weeks before the beginning of the course, only the deposit will be retained. After this deadline no refund will be possible.

We invite certified BMC® Practitioners and Teachers to participate as assistants. Please contact for more information about attending as an assistant.

Leben nuova guarantees adherence to the current rules for containment and prevention of SARS-CoV-2 contagion.

Email us at for more information.

Senses and Perception 2May 2 – 8, 20216 daysMay 5€ 860
Breathing and VocalizationJuly 16 – 22 20216 days19 July€ 860
Integration of the Body Systems and Developmental Movement 1September 20 – 27, 20217 daysSeptember 23€ 995
Subcellular SystemMarch 21 – 23, 20223 days€ 455
Immune SystemMarch 25 – 27, 20223 days€ 455

Embryological Development

April 22 – 25, 20224 days€ 590
Psychophysical Integration 1July 14 – 20, 20226 daysJuly 17€ 860
Professional Issues 2July 22 – 24, 20223 days € 455
Integration of the Body Systems and Developmental Movement 2October 27 – 30, 20224 days€ 590
Client Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches 1November 1 – 8, 20227 daysNovember 4€ 995
New Frontiersto be rescheduled3 days€ 455
Teaching Skillsto be rescheduled6 days€ 860
Client Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches 2to be rescheduled4 days€ 590
Psychophysical Integration 2to be rescheduled4 days€ 590
Student Presentationsto be rescheduled3 days€ 455
Practitioner Competencyto be rescheduled1 day€ 135
Professional Issues 3to be rescheduled3 days€ 455


To enroll for a course you need to send two documents:

1. the filled registration form

2. the bank statement of the wired deposit

Not providing these documents will invalidate the registration.


The balance has to be wired no later than two weeks before the course starts. If not, your registration will be cancelled.


For the year 2021, € 50,00 reduction is applied if you register 1 month prior the beginning of each course.