In the certification programs, the training is mainly based on an experiential approach integrated with theoretical studies of the body-mind continuum and an understanding of movement from an evolutionary perspective. Students are guided to explore the material on themselves, so that they would be able to facilitate in thmeselves the same process of awareness and psychophysical integration that they will facilitate in other people.

In BMC we the material, our bodies and minds the medium of exploration. The research is experiential as is the material. We are each the study, the student, the teacher.
Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, in ‘Sensing, Feeling, and Action’.

Each program (SME, IDME, CP) has its own objectives and aims for personal and professional growth. A class can include various teaching-learning modalities: the observation of anatomical models and the understanding of basic physiological principles; somatization, in which the student’s attention is guided to observe the sensations coming from the kinesthetic and proprioceptive sensory systems; experiences of movement, guided and/or improvised; the practice of hand-on touch, as a way of listening and communicating in the work of pattern reorganization; verbal sharing; play and creative forms of processing the experiences, at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. We work individually, in partners and in groups.

The teaching aims to facilitate the embodiment process, through which one develops awareness with and in the body, down to the cellular level. Students are also guided to develop self-learning skills, so that they take charge of their own research, in the group context during the training courses, individually in their own daily life and in relation to society and communities.

Each training includes a set of homework and requirements to be completed in order to achieve certification.

All courses are in two languages, Italian and English, with consecutive translation by Carol Berenyi or Marcella Fanzaga.

BMC® courses and programs in Italy are directed by Gloria Desideri and organized by Leben nuova, the only organization in Italy licensed by The School for Body-Mind Centering® for offering the following training programs: