Each certification program (IDME, SME, BMC® Practitioner) includes a series of requirements and homework that need to be completed: some can be done at home between training modules while some sessions can also take place during the courses themselves. Most of the homework have to be reported using appropriate forms included in the package. Each one here displaced is in editable pdf format and can be viewed online or downloaded. All packages contain information, instructions and forms to be filled in. For each training program, there will be a notification about the homework submission deadlines.

Due to the prolonged emergency from COVID-19 a temporary adjustment has been included (see last page of package), valid until July 2021, in oder to regulate type and quantity of homework that can be done online. For any further information on Certification Requirements and Tasks, please contact info@lebensnetz.it.


The BMC® Practitioner Program involves a number of complementary studies to be carried out over a period of approximately two years. For the BMC® PP 2020 – 2023 Leben nuova has organized the following courses specifically conceived for the BMC® Practitioner certification. For information please click on the button for each course. For any further information on these complementary studies, please contact info@lebensnetz.it.