Moving from Within – The Organ System

Images from the last of the 2019 courses at Leben nuova’s training center in Tuscania: the Organi System course, part of the Somatic Movement Education program. Faculty: Gloria Desideri, Maria Martinez, Emanuela Passerini, and Eva Maes (guest teacher).

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Exploring the Senses and Perception

Through the senses we receive information from our internal environment (ourselves) and the external environment (others and the world). Awareness of perceptual dynamics is the basis of learning. In this 2019 module, Gloria Desideri and Thomas Greil guide a group of students on their first journey of discovery through the BMC® approach. Teatro Pocci, Tuscania.

English and italian subtitles

Learning Developmental Movement Patterns through BMC®

The Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP) is a core course of the BMC® training and fundamental in the embodiment process through the Body-Mind Centering® approach. In 2018 Leben nuova organized this course twice because of the many requests from students of different countries and fields of interest: dance, movement education, school education, rehabilitation, psychotherapy and others. Faculty were Gloria Desideri, Olive Bieringa, Anne Expert and Thomas Greil.

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SME Program: Muscular System

Images from the last of the SME courses, in 2017. “The muscles establish a tensile three-dimentional grid for […] the skeetal structure by providing the elastic forces that move the bones through space. […] Through this sistem we embody our vitality […] and engage in the dialogue of resistance and resolution.” (Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen). Faculty in this course: Olive Bieringa, Thomas Greil, Amy Matthews.

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Personal and professional enhancement through BMC® training

This video catches moments from the Graduation Day at the end of the Somatic Movement Education (SME) certification program, and images taken during classes. BMC® programs in Italy are directed by Gloria Desideri and organized by Leben nuova. Thomas Greil has been collaborating with Gloria for many years, as faculty and co-coordinator.

English and italian subtitles

Somatic Movement Education (BMC®) in a case of infant Cerebral Palsy

This video shows Gloria Desideri working with a child with cerebral palsy while parents actively participate in the session. It took place in Bratislava, in January 2014, in the context of a workshop organized by Babyfit association, as part of the project funded by the European Commission “SPARKS – Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs.”


Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs (SPARKS)

This video gives an account of the activities organized by “Leben nuova”, as hosting partner during the transnational meeting in Italy (Viterbo province), April 2014, of “SPARKS” a project funded by the European Commission, 2013 – 2015, co-created by Gloria Desideri for Leben nuova along with four partner organizations: Soma (France), Babyfit (Slovakia), EMA (UK), Artman (Hungary).


What the Children Teach Us

Recorded during the RRR course (Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions, Equilibrium Responses) in Paris, France 2012, and produced by the association SOMA, this video illustrates the BMC®’s approach to Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME). Faculty in this course: Janet Amato, Gloria Desideri, Thomas Greil.

English subtitles

Only the child knows

Teaser of the video produced by Soma, France. Images recorded during a workshop of Bonnie Bianbridge Cohen in Paris, 2017.