There are no prerequisites for attending SME courses. As for accessing the IDME application program, you must have attended the 4 developmental core courses. The BMC® Practitioner program is open to those who have already completed the SME certification.

Yes. You can access the training from any level of experience or background. When enrolling for the first time, students are usually asked to fill in an orientation questionnaire and we are always available to advise you on which course to choose as a way of approaching the BMC study.

Yes. Each course has its own independent structure and offers a valuable experience on the specific related topic. If you wish to complete the training later on, the course you have previously attended remains accredited by all BMC® licensed organizations worldwide. If a long period of time elapses from when you have attended the last course to a possible request to re-enter the training, the Direction may consider your situation and request some integrative work to do.

All courses are in Italian and English with consecutive translation from one language to the another.

In case of cancellation, if you notify us up to two weeks before the beginning of the course, the course fee will be refunded and only the deposit will be retained. After this deadline no refund will be possible.

Yes. Although Leben does not receive any public funds for education, we try to offer a limited number of scholarships per year to students who are highly motivated to complete one of the certification programs but have financial hardship. For information, please contact us at

Yes. Each course fee includes a binder with guidelines and educational materials, in Italian or English depending where a student come from.

No. Leben sends students a list of recommended accommodations in Tuscania. These are mostly apartments with the use of a kitchen, at convenient costs and walking distance from the work space. Students should contact the locators directly.

Certifications of Somatic Movement Education, Infant Developmental Movement Education and BMC® Practitioner are not yet recognized in mainstream professional registers. However, the quality of the training and the skills that BMC® graduates acquire through their process can be of enormous personal and professional enhancement, very often recognized and appreciated both in public and private work fields. All BMC® graduates are recommended to join the Body-Mind Centering® Association, BMCA, as Professional Members. This allows them to the use of the registered trademark in their promotional materials. The BMCA guarantees professional standards, code of ethics and more education opportunities for its members.