What’s New in the 2024 BMC® Training Cycle

Our proposal starts from an analysis of the ever changing present time, the challenges of recent years, the need for cohesion, solidarity, and mutual support in our communities, and also the demand for professional recognition and affirmation.

We feel strong in our long and deep-rooted pedagogical experience, gained since 2006 to the present through the IDME, SME, and BMC® Practitioner certification programs, with national and international groups of students and teachers. Now we wish to move onto a new level of experience.

We wish to further enhance some aspects, that yet have always been in our attention and vision of what a professional training in Body-Mind Centering® should be. In respect of these aspects we now want to act with clearer definition and specific care. They are:

  • the relationship and balance between the deep personal experience that the BMC® experiential training enacts and how this experience is processed and used by students and graduates in their professional practice;
  • the importance of the transition from the personal processes students experience in the protected environment of the residential courses to acting in their daily life, developing embodiment, agentivity, self-learning skills, networking and professional identity.


Orientation – it will be at the beginning and end of the 4-course series, with in-person meetings. The purpose is to focus on one’s motivations, personal and professional goals, learning styles, strengths and areas for which special attention may be needed. The first orientation day is at the end of the Senses and Perception 1 course in December. At the end of the 4-course series, orientation will help students to become more aware of the wider BMC® International community, and eventually choose to complete one program towards certification, Infant Developmental Movement Education or Somatic Movement Education.

Tutoring – students are followed in their path between one course and the next through some online meetings. The purpose is to support students in their abilities to develop self-learning skills, keep up with the homework and receive feedback about their practice in applying the material in various contexts.

Study Groups – students are encouraged to form small study groups that meet online between courses. First inspired as responses to the isolation due to the pandemic, these online studying modalities can now become powerful tools with which students, also living at distance, can share their experiences and support each other.

Direction and Faculty – the 2024 new training cycle will be coordinated by Marcella Fanzaga. Faculty for the 4 courses will include Marcella Fanzaga, Maria Martinez and possibly a third different BMC® Teacher each time.

For educational inquires, write to info@lebensnetz.it
For organizational and administrative inquires, write to staff@lebensnetz.it, or leave a whatsapp message at +39 3755127096

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