We are betting on the ability and responsibility of the majority of us BMC people not to block ourselves completely and to be able to carry out activities in presence with all the necessary precautions to avoid the transmission of the virus, wherever and whenever our governments allow to do so.

Therefore, for December, plans for the three days of the Immune System course and the one open day prior to the course organized free of charge by Kinesfera for its members, remains so far unchanged.

Self and Other – The Relational Experience in Somatic Education
December 5th

The pandemic crisis we are going through shows us the important to stay connected and feel part of a community. This day is an opportunity to share and reflect on our experiences during this time of crisis: fears, response strategies, resources, insights. What effect is this experience having on our body-mind? How do we feel and perceive ourselves and others now as opposed as before? What are we learning from all of this?

The Kinesfera Association shares with Leben values and principles dealing with applications of the somatic movement education in various fields. In this occasion, it wants to give its contribution to the ongoing process by offering to its members and BMC graduates this day of gathering, reciprocal support and reflection.

December 6-8

The choice to offer this course is not casual. Thomas Greil and I chose it as a start of the BMC® Practitioner program, of which this course is a part, viewing it as an opportunity for colleagues to come together and develop more resources together, at a time when we are all being strongly challenged. SME graduates as students and Practitioners as assistants are all welcome.

The course is an exploration of the immune functions, learning and memory in relation to the nervous system. The perspective is one of collaboration and participation of all the components among themselves – that connection between inner and outer activity that allows communication between the organism and its environment. So the immune system will be explored as a dynamic and complex set of metabolic functions, body structures, cells and processes that collaborate to maintain the homeostasis.


If you are considering to take part in the course of December 6-8 but you are not sure to be able to travel we suggest the following:

  • send a deposit by November 12th;
  • the deposit will be refunded in case you are prevented from attending the course due to covid-19 reasons;
  • the balance can be due directly the first day of the course.

Please click here for the registration form: complete it in all parts and send it to staff_leben@lebensnetz.it. For any further information please write to Viktoriya at staff_leben@lebensnetz.it.

Those who wish to attend the December 5th pre-course workshop, please send an email to info@kinesfera.it informing of your participation. If you are not a member of Kinesfera yet, you can request to become member by sending an email to info@kinesfera.it. You will receive a reply and then will pay the annual fee of €10 in site.


Leben and Kinesfera will welcome you at CasaNave alle Mura‘s, the new location in Via Nazario Sauro 8, Tuscania. It is equipped with ample spaces and everything necessary to guarantee health prevention and measures to contain the contagion.