Tuscania Contact Improvisation Workshop

October 10-11, workshop with Urs Stauffer

Organized by Leben nuova in collaboration with the Kinesfera association
at Supercinema, Via Garibaldi 1, Tuscania (Viterbo)

In this workshop, we will take the time to get as near as possible to BEING MOVEMENT, as a starting point from which to initiate our individual dance. On this basis, we will then explore – alone, in duets and in groups – our way to grow into DOING MOVEMENT, yet trying to stay in tune with our individual moving self. From there we will relate to our environment including our dancing partners.

Integrating some BMC® principles and techniques we will get a deeper sense of ourselves and the others, sharpening our perception for a more subtle way to respond to our moving environment, thus allowing a playfully improvised dance.

Urs Stauffer started to intensively study Contact Improvisation and Body-Mind Centering® about 25 years ago. Ever since, these two approaches have always been a source of information for his own movement research. His most influent teachers have been, and still are, Steve Paxton (first met in 1989), Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (with whom he began to work in 1990) and Anna Halprin. With all of them he continues to study. Urs has been working as a movement teacher for more than 20 years meeting students from a very diverse public and in many countries.

For members of the Kinesfera association there is a discounted fee for the workshop.
You can download the registration form with all information. The pdf document can be filled online. If you cannot read it, try to download the latest version of the  Acrobat Reader application (free)

If you register early enough, it is possible to lodge in one of the apartment managed by Kinesfera at very low cost.

For further information you can write to staff_leben@lebensnetz.it or call 349 5763325.

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