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A few weeks ago, the fifth transnational mobility of the project “Sparks – Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs” took place in Bratislava. Sparks is a cross-cultural research and exchange about self-directed learning in the specific frame of special needs. 


Ontogenetic Development

Ontogenetic Development

5 days. 35 contact hours

Teachers: Gloria Desideri, Federica Agomeri Antonelli

The period from intrauterine life through approximately 12 months of age is an extraordinarily formative time for humans. Our basic movement patterns emerge in utero, are present at birth, and develop through the first year of life. It is during this time that we build the groundwork for our movement and perceptual skills and pass through the milestones by which we mark our development.

This course will include:

  • Developmental milestones including: fetal movement, nursing, head control, eye-hand coordination, rolling, circumduction, belly crawling, quadrupedal creeping, sitting, kneel-sitting, kneel-standing, half kneel-sitting, half kneel-standing, squatting, standing, cruising, walking.
  • The sequence of development that allows the infant to progress through each and all skill levels during its development process.
  • Patterns of movement that inhibit more integrated skills from developing.
  • Facilitating integrated movement skills and inhibiting patterns which limit full development.

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