SPARKS Transnational Meeting Tuscania, Italy 2014

Video produced by Leben nuova in the context of project SPARKS – Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs

From a concept of Gloria Desideri, this video was realized in collaboration with Guido Votano, for camera, sound and editing work. It was produced by Leben nuova as material for documentation and dissemination of the project “Sparks – Somatic Practices, Art and Creativity for Special Needs”, granted by the European Union – Grundtvig Learning Partnership. Shot during the Sparks transnational meeting in Tuscania (Viterbo, Italy) in April 2014, this film portraits some significative moments of those days of activity shared by the five European partners currently engaged in the Sparks project: Babyfit (Slovakia), SOMA (France), ArtMan (Hungary), Embody Move Association (United Kingdom), and Leben nuova (Italy). The video gives also an account of the exchange of experiences that took place between the Sparks members and the staff of the Local Socio-Health Authority (AULS Viterbo) active on the local territory. The whole film (of approximately 12 minutes) can be seen at this link. Please, watch, comment and share it, as you wish! Any feedback, question or suggestion will be welcome.

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