Training Programs

The courses in chronological order


SME/IDME – Ontogenetic Development
September 18th – 22nd

September 24th – 29th (day off: September 27th)

SME – Organ System
October 27th – November 3rd (day off: October 30th)


PP – Senses and Perception 2
March 16th – 22nd (day off: March 19th)

SME – Endocrine System
March 25th – 29th

April 15th – 19th

SME – Nervous System
July 12th – 19th (day off: July 15th)

SME – Fluid System
July 22nd – 28th (day off: July 25th)

PP – Breathing and Vocalization
August 24th – 30th (day off: August 27th)

SME/IDME – Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNP)
September 12th – 19th (day off: September 15th)

September 22nd – 27th (day off: September 25th)

SME – Ligamentous and Fascial System
October 31st – November 7th (day off: November 3rd)

PP – Immune System
November 29th – December 1st

PP – Embryological Development
December 3rd – 6th


SME/IDME – Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (RRR)
January 4th – 10th (day off: January 7th)

PP – Integration of the Body Systems and Development 1
January 24th – 31st (day off: January 27th)

SME – Muscular System
March 6th – 16th (days off: March 9th, 13th)

SME – Competency
Professional Issues
March 18th – 20th

PP – Psychophysical Integration 1
April 22th – April 28th (day off: April 25th)

PP – Professional Issues 2
April 30th – May 2nd

PP – Client Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches 1
July 10th – 17th (day off: July 13th)

PP – Integration of the Body Systems and Development 2
July 19th – 22nd

PP – Subcellular System
October 26th – 28th

PP – New Frontiers
October 30th – November 1st


PP – Teaching Skills
March 17th – 23 th (day off: March 20th)

PP – Student Presentations
March 25th – 27th

PP – Client Assessment and Therapeutic Approaches 2
July 10th – 13th

PP – Psychophysical Integration 2
July 15th – 18th

PP – Competency
July 20th

PP – Professional Issues 3
July 21st – 23rd

PP – Graduation
July 23rd

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