BMC® Training

Leben nuova is the only organization in Italy to be licensed by the School for Body-Mind Centering® (BMC®) for offering all the certification programs of this method:

Faculty, Assistants and Staff

Faculty includes BMC® Ceritified Teachers from different countries and with an extensive experience of teaching BMC® in certification programs. A group of Teaching Assistants (BMC® Practitioner) and Class Assistants (Certified SME), will support and enrich the learning environment. The organizational staff provides support and assistance in logistic and administrational matters.

Classes are in two languages, Italian and English, with consecutive translation.

For each course, the student receives a certificate of participation. The course is accredited to all BMC® authorized centers worldwide for certification purposes, provided that the course has been regularly attended and the participation fee paid.

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Location and Tuition

All courses are intensive and residential. They take place in Tuscania, by the Teatro Pocci, located in the village historical center.

Leben nuova provides participants with a list of apartments for rent, with the use of the kitchen and at low cost.

For those who will require it, Leben nuova organizes a shuttle service from/to the railway stations of Tarquinia and Orte.

Course fees are based on a daily cost of €100 + IVA (VAT tax).
Educational material collected in notebooks are included.
By registering two months prior the begninning of each course, a reduction of 5% is applied on the course fee.
In order to register and ensure oneself a place in the course a deposit €50 is due.

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