In response to the coronavirus pandemic the Licensed Organizations of certified BMC trainings worldwide have cancelled all the immediate courses of SME, Practitioner and IDME trainings.

This seems to be the only possible answer to the challenge of this global crisis, where travel is largely restricted, gathering in groups limited or prohibited while our work would include a lot of physical closeness and touch.

For participants of cancelled courses: please contact the training center where you had registered or intended to register to know how the situation is evolving over the next weeks. All of our programs will reschedule the courses as best as possible, so please also visit the website for an overall view of the calendar with rescheduled courses.

All Licensed Organizations are in communication with each other and we are following the changing situation on a daily basis. We will keep you posted on classes scheduled for the remaining year and next year, cancellations and rescheduling as the course of action unfolds.

We are very sorry for the sudden changes of plans that are affecting all of us. Please know that at the best of our intention we will figure out how you can continue your BMC® education.

Hoping and wishing that you are well and can go forward with clear mind and open heart,

the Program Directors of the SBMC trainings worldwide


At Leben’s, the new dates in 2020 are the following:

Senses and Perception-2, August 15-21.

Endocrine System, September 2-6

IDME 2A, September 22 – 27


For more information, please contact Marcella at

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