Gloria Desideri

Gloria Desideri is a Registered Movement Therapist and Educator (ISMETA), Certified BMC®Teacher/Practitioner, Somatic Movement Educator and Infant Developmental Movement Educator. She is also a Certified Teacher of Kinetic Awareness™ and a Practitioner of Somatic Experiencing® (Dr. Peter Levine’s approach to trauma and post-traumatic stress symptoms). With a background as professional dancer and choreographer (1977 – 1992), she integrates in her work several movement practices and body-mind disciplines.

Upon returning to live in Italy in 1998, after 15 years in the U.S., she started to collaborate with the Public Health System (ASL-Viterbo) directing BMC-based projects for children with severe disabilities and their families.
She also directed training programs for the educators of the public day care centers of Viterbo. Since 2005, she has been directing Leben, a cultural association that in 2009 became a company and that has been organizing BMC® licensed programs, international conferences and other activities aiming to promote somatic education and therapy in Italy. Gloria is teaching internationally and holds a private practice as therapist and cunsultant for adults, children and their parents, in Rome and in the area of Tuscania.

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