Professional Affiliations: BMCA

Body­-Mind Centering Association is the international not­for­profit membership organization committed to the practise, education, and ongoing development of Body­Mind Centering with a strong belief in the profound effects of its experiential and collaborative process.

BMCA began in 1985 from an initiative by Ellen Barlow and Sara Vogeler. In subsequent years, it was developed into a professional organization through generous hours of voluntering and financial contributions from practitioners and supporters. BMCA is a creative community of individuals dedicated to exploring, sharing, and expanding the Body­Mind Centering work. Our members live all over the world, including the Americas, Europe, the Middle and Far East, and Australia.


• provides support and services to its members,

• promotes professional development,

• publishes a newsletter and journal,

• provides fiscal agency for somatic research grants for members,

• holds conferences, and

• is the conduit for communication and dialogue about Body-­Mind Centering.

This includes:

• maintaining high standards of professional competence and excellence;

• supporting research and publication of materials relating to BMC;

• providing resources, information and avenues of communication about BMC;

• improving access to BMC; and

• educating the public.

Students and graduates of our programs can join the Body-Mind Centering Association (BMCA – the professional organization of Body-Mind Centering®. Graduates gain authorization to use the registered BMC name if they join BMCA as professional members. Our Somatic Movement Educator, Certified Practitioner, and Certified Teacher Body-Mind Centering® programs are approved by the International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association (ISMETA, Through ISMETA, our graduates are eligible to be qualified as Registered Movement Educators or Registered Movement Therapists.

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