Teatro Pocci

The Teatro Pocci is located in the historical center of Tuscania, Via Consalvi 22.

One of the most evocative and ancient theaters of Tuscia region, built in the early twentieth century, Teatro Pocci is managed by the Tuscania d’Arte Association, under the artistic direction of Stefano Ciccioli.

This year, Tuscania d’Arte, Leben nuova and the Kinesfera Association are collaborating by each animating the Teatro Pocci with various activities, and adapting its space according to the different projects.

During the BMC® training courses organized by Leben nuova, the large central hall with a linoleum floor, an internal courtyard for coffee breaks and other restful moments, and the spacious garden, will be available.

We can provide a list of lodgings available in Tuscania. For a more complete list of accommodations please visit the Tuscania Municipal Website.

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