The Sense of Movement
From Cells to Brain Passing by the Heart

Workshop online: introductory meeting + 4 classes
based on Body-Mind Centering® principles and practices

with Gloria Desideri

How do we develop an experience of movement? How do the various forms of “knowledge” integrate, from the emergence of the primary cells to the nervous system’s level of complexity? What role do blood and heart play in the relationship between the sensory level of attention, feeling emotionally and acting intentionally?
In this online workshop Gloria guides participants in experiencing somatic movement and progressing towards a more integrated and conscious sense of self, greater balance between activity and rest, and an increasing range of choice.

The workshop is open to everybody interested. No prior Body-Mind Centering® experience is necessary to participate.


Three groups have formed, all with Italian participants.

A class taught in the English language was not possible at this time.

We will propose other classes on the same theme in the future.

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