MARCH 6 – 7 2021

The Practitioner’s Path 2
Advanced Studies in BMC®

Second online workshop for graduated SME, BMC®Practitioner and Teacher

with Gloria Desideri and Thomas Greil

Building on the experience of the first Practitioner’s Path workshop, offered last December, Leben proposes now a weekend with new class material and two other teachers, Jeanette Engler and Walburga Glatz, who will join Gloria Desideri and Thomas Greil in facilitating the workshop.

All SME graduates interested in participating in the Practitioner program, which we hope will start in presence in May, are invited to attend. We also welcome all SME’s, Practitioners and Teachers who appreciate the value of sharing advanced material in BMC and feel the need for exchange and reciprocal support within a group of colleagues.

Development as a psychophysical process

In the first two years of the SME program we explore each system and the developmental patterns separately. The purpose of this study is to look at movement from the developmental perspective, clarify the mind of each system and carve out the basic principles.

Undertaking the “practitioner’s path” means to encounter compelling and transforming experiences by interweaving body systems with developmental movements and patterns. Through the progression and layering of the basic neurocellular patterns we gradually inhabit our physical form. At the same time, our structure gives shape to the patterns. Both lead to the sense of self and agency. As we create more and more affective and emotional bonds with the world, we become more aware of ourselves and understand and conceptualize reality.

This continuous process of individuation allows growth and development throughout life. In these two days, we will give a first glimpse into the vastness of this study.


March 6 – 7
14:00 – 19:30 on the Zoom platform

Consecutive translation Italian – English


As we acknowledge, on the one hand, people’s great need to train, practice, learn and exchange experiences and on the other the economic difficulties that we are all facing in this time of crisis, Leben proposes a sliding scale fee, appealing to your conscience, sense of responsibility and solidarity. You will pay according to your possibilities, considering the full fee of €150,00 and the minimum fee of €80,00.

Video recordings of the classes will be available to all participants.


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